Hand Painting Textures – ASSETS

I have started to model some simple objects to try hand paint their textures. The sign below is my first asset and I think it turned out average. I planned to make it cartoony so that has come across quite well. I feel the colours are off and not very pleasing but it’s something I need to work on. This object contains a basic normal, displacement and diffuse map. If I were to make it pop more I could try paint in more texture details such as the cracks in the wood. Programmes used; Zbrush, Maya and Photoshop.

Displacement, Diffuse, Normal maps



I feel it would be interesting if I also did a version of this sign using substance painter/designer or even PBR textures to see the difference in the look and feel I could achieve. I might also create some more maps for the sign such as ambient occlusion, roughness and metallic then merge them together into one map in Photoshop.

Substance painter is just not working on my Mac so I will try download the trial version to see if it works better.

I came across this article which is actually amazing going through the workflow of texturing a video game character from zbrush to substance painter. if I ever get a better machine I will be getting substance painter and designer right away. I’m sure I can take some tips from this article regardless of it being based on substance… sometimes you just need a step by step guide! Please fins link here.



Matte Painting – Thumb-nailing and Reference Collecting

Beata and I have decided to come together for the personal project and work on a 3D matte painting. We thought it might be a nice thing to work on with another person who is also interested in the process. We have decided to base the scene around the middle east. I thought it might also tie into some of the game assets I am hoping to model.

To begin, we need to collect some reference images to help with inspiration and ideas along with possible high quality photographs which could be used when camera projecting (to help give the scene a more 3D feel). Beata has shared some useful sites which matte painters would frequently use as a resource. With time constraints it is difficult to get out and about to take some of my own photographic pieces.

I have made a start on some thumb nails to start looking into what type of composition we want and what story we would like to tell. We did have a chat about it and thought if we included a high palace embedded into the cliffs with forestry surrounding it, that this would represent the wealthy and as you come down onto the lower ground planes theres are markets and old shack houses which represent the less well off. mMight be a nice idea of a simple story environment. As we have a time limit with other projects running alongside we might have to keep it as simple as possible. I spent around 35 mins on the first set of thumbnails below.


I didn’t like any of my thumbnails but Beata had a few which I really loved and in the end we decided to base the design off one of her nice thumbnails. We each worked on the thumbnail and then combined both our ideas together and created a photoshop file where we could try various photo mash-ups.

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 11.42.05.png

(Beata’s thumbnail above)

Some reference photos of middle eastern palaces shown below.





Research before the Quads #4 – Character Building

I have read quite a few articles which go into modelling game ready characters but all seem to have different approaches and I haven’t really come across one yet that describes the process simply.

Articles from The Rookies found here. This article went into some detail on game character creation, I am still a little confused as to how low poly you have to make the model after the high res has been sculpted.

I do know that you need to have a low poly version of your character modelled out that you use to bake the high resolution normal and displacement maps to. These videos gave a main overview of how to save maps out from Zbrush, simple enough but I’m sure getting them to bake onto the actual low poly model will be a problem on it’s own.



rendering with zbrush and photoshop – http://www.zbrushcentral.com/showthread.php?74301-Re-Angel