Artificial Intelligence and Miyazaki

Michael our tutor had shared this video and I found it very interesting and appropriate. Miyazaki is my favourite animator and through his passion and zeal for life he creates breath-taking animations. I agree with Miyazki's view on artifical intelligence creating animations, theres no life nor any point. Wouldn't animators lose jobs if this were … Continue reading Artificial Intelligence and Miyazaki

PechaKucha Research

Researching what the definition of Pecha Kucha, was simple enough. The hard part will be finding strong content to show and having something interesting to say. This website '' had everything we needed to know, including great examples of Pecha kucha's relating to art and pointers on how to keep things clean and precise etc. … Continue reading PechaKucha Research

Gesture Drawing

Amazing artists, love these guy's gesture drawings, pro's. I think Alex Woo taught/teaches gesture at Pixar. Matt Jones I think is his student? Take a look at his blog though, reminds me of the type of life drawing Michael was showing us in class. Examples of Alex Woo's style of work ... Nice video by Matt Jones … Continue reading Gesture Drawing