Digital Matte Painting No.1 – Street

Below is a simple digital matte painting I have put together using around 3/4  images. One version has a slight lighting change. I feel the version at the bottom is a little more realistic although the stronger shadows and warmer light in the top version looks more alive. I need to study colour harmony and lighting more to be able to make the right decisions when putting artwork together.


Warmer light and darker shadows above.


Cooler light and brighter shadow above.

First Arnold Render Test – Maya

Over the break I followed a tutorial from a youtube called Mikes Hermes, he was very good going through how exactly to use the lighting system in Maya and I followed along as I had no clue how to go about it. Hermes also went into texturing using arnold’s ‘ai-standard’ material option.  His tutorials are precise and steady paced, thus making them very easy to understand and follow. Below is an example of a simple robot lit with two simple area lights on either side. I used a cool light and a warm light to create contrast. I’m happy with the outcome, it’s amazing how you can get something to look like a physical object.

I’m hoping soon I will create something a bit more interesting with character, intricate details and good colours. But I need a lot more practise before that happens!



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Anatomy Sketches

I have been working on an anatomy sketchbook; I am trying to memorise how the muscles and the skeleton work/look. Hopefully over time and along with life drawing my figure drawing will improve. I definitely need to start drawing figures more from my imagination to test if I’m taking any of this stuff in.

Below is a slideshow of the anatomy drawings I have done so far. I have taken these drawings from various references.

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Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth is an amazing figure drawing book which Michael has given us the PDF file for. I have been making some drawings from it. From here I will take what I’ve learnt and put it into practise. Michael has suggested for personal learning to take an image from magazines or newspapers and draw the figures as you might see them in this book.

Some drawings I have done from the book are shown below.



– Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth, First published in 1970 by Watson-Guptill Publications.

Tonal Study #1

Conánn suggested that we do some studies from life, to help build our skills.

I have taken this photograph from a great website where photographers allows artists to use their photo’s for personal and commercial use, as long as its finished in a traditional art medium. Link below for anyone out there looking for interesting first hand photos!


(My drawing above)


Materials list:

Daler Rowney A4 Mixed Media paper

HB, 2B , 6B graphite pencils



The paper was a little too grainy for me, I would usually sketch on smooth cartridge paper for graphite. Just a quick tonal study which is not exactly like the photograph as that was not the purpose. I spent just over an hour on the drawing, a little too long for the outcome.