Digital Matte Painting No.1 – Street

Below is a simple digital matte painting I have put together using around 3/4  images. One version has a slight lighting change. I feel the version at the bottom is a little more realistic although the stronger shadows and warmer light in the top version looks more alive. I need to study colour harmony and … Continue reading Digital Matte Painting No.1 – Street

First Arnold Render Test – Maya

Over the break I followed a tutorial from a youtube called Mikes Hermes, he was very good going through how exactly to use the lighting system in Maya and I followed along as I had no clue how to go about it. Hermes also went into texturing using arnold's 'ai-standard' material option.  His tutorials are … Continue reading First Arnold Render Test – Maya

Colour Study #1

A colour study using watercolours. I didn't intend to try and replicate the below image (taken from the paint my photo website), only try paint the variations of shadow within the photograph. (Above my colour study) Materials list: Daler Rowney A4 Mixed Media paper Windsor and Newton watercolours