First Arnold Render Test – Maya

Over the break I followed a tutorial from a youtube called Mikes Hermes, he was very good going through how exactly to use the lighting system in Maya and I followed along as I had no clue how to go about it. Hermes also went into texturing using arnold’s ‘ai-standard’ material option.  His tutorials are precise and steady paced, thus making them very easy to understand and follow. Below is an example of a simple robot lit with two simple area lights on either side. I used a cool light and a warm light to create contrast. I’m happy with the outcome, it’s amazing how you can get something to look like a physical object.

I’m hoping soon I will create something a bit more interesting with character, intricate details and good colours. But I need a lot more practise before that happens!



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Furniture Modelling and Bird Bath

Our first assignment in Maya was to create a piece of furniture, so I decided to try this strange looking cabinet with two taller dispay units on each end. Im not too happy with the outcome, especially when coloured. I would like to learn how to texture and colour objects more realistically, something to work on in my spare time. Overall I guess it isn’t too bad for a first attempt, maybe a safe option though as it lacks complicated shapes.


Simple Bird Bath Model


After working on the cabinet furniture I gave a go at a rounded shape. Again I am really not pleased with how this turned out. Once I progress and learn more in Maya I aim to model detailed objects which have a sense of purpose. But for now this is just a bird bath, with neither birds nor water, standing in cyber space. 🙂 Note to self – in future use reference.

Maya – Bouncing Balls

I have uploaded my first tries at animating bouncing balls. I learnt a lot from these excercises, mainly how much i love the graph editor. 😛 I will definitely use what I’ve learnt here in future animations, that will hopefully be more compelling.

Bowling ball test – Maya

Bouncy rubber ball test – Maya

Bouncy rubber ball with wall test – Maya

Tennis ball test – Maya