Life Drawing – Reflective Essay

Before I had taken Michael’s class I had thought I was decent at life drawing. Turns out gesture drawing contrasts greatly in comparison to classes I have previously taken, where we spent 20-30 minutes on each pose. I have learnt a lot in class during the course of twelve weeks, also by doing the assignments … Continue reading Life Drawing – Reflective Essay

Life Drawing – Week 12

Twas the last week of life drawing and for some reason my work lacked underlying structure, I musn't have been thinking enough whilst drawing. Some parts of the proportions are off, definitely not there yet. Looking forward to next semesters classes already. We were given a longer 20-25 minute pose which I thought was great, … Continue reading Life Drawing – Week 12

Madam Mim and other Character Sketches

I have again scanned some pages from my sketchbook; work shown was drawn from worksheets Michael had given us for reference. I definitely need to start looking more at how things come together, rather than looking and drawing the final images. Michael suggests to try understand how each character works by taking their figure apart, drawing … Continue reading Madam Mim and other Character Sketches

Life Drawing – Week 8 – For Dirk’s Sake

This weeks class was great, although my drawings are far from perfect, I feel it was a good learning experience. The repetition of drawing Dirk in my sketchbook really helped me to re-imagine the model in class. Michael had gone over Dirk's proportions which was very helpful; stating that his legs were abnormally long whilst … Continue reading Life Drawing – Week 8 – For Dirk’s Sake