Floating City – Visual Inspiration

This blog will show some inspiration I found whilst researching into floating cities, looking at how other productions have gone about creating these environments. A typical one to start off with is Cloud City from Star Wars. It is suspended high among the clouds of Bespin- "a floating metropolis of sophisticated beauty and political freedom" … Continue reading Floating City – Visual Inspiration

Floating City Conceptual Research

There are many great ideas circulating the internet when it comes to floating cities. Below I have included some interesting pieces of concept art I have come across which I feel relate to our chosen city of Belfast. Since our group is focusing on the growth of the city from around the 1960's up until … Continue reading Floating City Conceptual Research

VFX Artists

Visual effect artists create special effects, animation and fix up details for feature films/commercials etc. Compositing is another important job of the VFX artist at times, this is quite similar to digital matte painters who create realistic images for green screen backdrops. Marc Simonetti produces top-quality artwork which has great visual appeal, colour harmony, light … Continue reading VFX Artists