The Marvellous Escape

The mad scientists lab is coming along nicely thus far! We have been bringing in our assets to the master copy of the scene and placing them roughly in the right positions. We have been going off one of Alistair's layout sketches which I have mentioned before whilst changing and adding little bits here and … Continue reading The Marvellous Escape

Mad Scientist Lab – Part 3

So, part three and I haven't really modelled anything I am super happy with! 😦 I worked on a steampunk lamp and I am not looking forward to UV unwrapping it, non-manifold geometry seems to be a recurring issue for me and had held me back in getting any work transferred over from zbrush but … Continue reading Mad Scientist Lab – Part 3

Mad Scientist Lab – 3D Assets – Part 1

To begin our journey into creating a mad scientists laboratory we had written down a few interesting assets we could possibly model. Since a laboratory is so diverse..(especially when the doctor therein is mad) there would be many strange commodities to be seen! So! We assigned various objects to ourselves to start modelling and decided … Continue reading Mad Scientist Lab – 3D Assets – Part 1