Research – Creating PBR textures for Game Assets

I can’t wait to start looking more into this side of modelling and texturing. There are so many ways of doing the same thing I am hoping that this research will help guide me into one clear path to take each time. Other than hand painting textures there is the opposite end of the spectrum.. PBR textures. These kinds of textures are used in AAA games and can look very realistic if done well.

I came across this video which I watched and took down some notes from… in case I forget the process. I love how you can bring in photographs to help with texturing.

For PBR texturing it is best to render them in a game engine such as Unity or Unreal Engine. I haven’t used either of these programmes yet but I have downloaded Unity. Alec has showed me how to plug in the important maps when rendering PBR game textures… these include the albido (diffuse), the metallic and the normal map. Once you’re object is imported into the unity scene you can then create a folder for the textures and then drag each into its corresponding slot.

Update 9th April

An artist from Enter Yes, James Dalton, gave a class on the basics of setting up a scene in Unity. We only got as far as preparing models in Maya and importing them into Unity, then setting up folders whilst importing and adding the textures onto the models. Although we didn’t get through an awful lot it was very helpful and I am looking forward to maybe sometime building my own scene inside the programme. I would also like to try rendering some shots to see how they would compare to Maya.

In class I built up sort of a high palace looking room and though I would include it here. Unity is awesome but my Mac couldn’t handle the pressure and decided to prevent it from running any longer.

Example of PBR texture maps below. Although gloss is not needed there are a few more other maps which can be plugged in. 🙂


I came across a great article that explains PBR texturing in unity at a beginner level. It goes into good details explaining the use of each map.  Article found here.

From here I am going to bring in some models to substance and try the PBR workflow and then bring these into unity and try lighting a scene.


The Beginner’s Guide to Physically Based Rendering in Unity

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