Research before the Quads #3 – Modelling for Games

Modelling 3D Environments and Assets for Games

After doing some research into hand-painted textures I have decided that I should probably focus on creating models that can be used in games (and are game-ready). My skill set at the moment seems to be pointing in that direction although I am not sure.


Image Courtesy – Clover Lawn

So in this blog I am going to include some research on creating environments and assets for use in games. I will also have a look into different work pipelines and which would suit me best when creating an environment with possible character etc.

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Mikes Hermes always has a good tutorial on what you need! He has recently uploaded a new video to his youtube channel where he goes through the process of creating assets for a game. The programs he uses include Maya, Zbrush and Substance Painter. Hermes explains that the best workflow is to start your low poly model in Maya, from there you can take it into Zbrush and create you’re UV’s whilst also creating a high poly version. Then it should be ready to bring into substance to bad the high poly textures onto the low poly model. This was explained in a very clear way which made me very happy haha.

Another great article Alec had shared with us went into great depths on creating a 3D environment. Tomer Meltser went through his very long and complex workflow for creating his amazing environment based off Chong FeiGiap’s concepts. I first came across FeiGiaps work in one of Imagine Fx’s issues. Feigiap’s colour choices are just amazing and I have completely fallen in love with his work… theres something about his style which reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki’s work. Meltser’s article can be found here.

Tomer Meltser’s showreel shown below…so pretty!!!

Some of Chong FeiGiap’s concepts below which Meltser has based his 3D work off. I am just in love with his work and colours.






Modular Environment Modelling 

I have been doing a bit of research into different workflows that artists are using to create their amazing environments. What seems to be one of the most important steps in creating environment with efficiency is the use of modular modelling. Modular modelling focuses on creating different assets that can be placed together to build you’re environment quickly and with more ease. more info here

Tomer Meltser (mentioned above) uses this technique throughout his environment modelling. You can see in the images below that he models out various wall panels, windows, plants etc… Basically modelling assets which he can use over and over again, maybe also being able to switch their textures easily? Meltser mentions that “many of the assets were developed with the help of tileable materials, allowing to save time where appropriate.”  This is something I need to look into in order to understand how this process and the results can be achieved. Find his work here.

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The poly count website has plenty of articles that explain modular building, I read through quite a few of them and have picked up a couple of things. I feel I will need to find some videos on the topic to watch others going through the process also to make sure I understand fully. Link to poly count articles here.


Tomer Meltser’s Artstation :

Chong FeiGiap’s Deviantart :

Articles on Modular building :





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