Reflective Statement – Animation Strategies

Animation strategies has been a great assignment overall and I have really enjoyed the work set.  The personal project was fantastic as having the opportunity to work on something specific rather than something generalised really allowed for more focused work. I choose concept art as it has always been something I wanted to pursue. I love putting environments together and designing characters that could fit in with it.

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the assignment I felt it was a shame it ran alongside our animation project. Having both projects at the same time was a little over-whelming due to the amount of work needed to be done. I felt I rushed through all aspects of the projects which resulted in low quality work which also didn’t make much sense. Since my work was poor for both assignments I feel it could be down to my poor time-management skills and hope to address this for future projects. I also tend to over-complicate things so maybe if I had of stuck to one thing and did it really well I would be happier. To sum up, I loved the projects but I was unhappy with the work I produced due to poor time management and lack of planning.



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