Building the Environment

Clare has started to model the different parts of the castle and together we have assembled it. We might fill it out a little more but since it is going to be in the distance with some clouds partially covering it, not too much would need to be done…if any more at all. As long as we get the sense of there being a castle/kingdom in the distance.




After receiving some feedback on the palace we were advised to re-shape the overall palace so I am going to go back and re-work and model extra parts to make the overall look more aesthetically pleasing. Below shows the progress of the new and hopefully improved model, along with some research into middle eastern palaces which helped with building shapes etc…

Taj Mahal

This palace is a good example for the kind of look we were hoping to go for.


Although our palace won’t be a main feature in the animation, it will be there in the background to help tell the story and also to aid with our visuals.

Abu Dhabi

This building is another which has greatly helped in the design of our palace. The overall placement of shapes and domes helped in creating better shapes overall.


Below is a screenshot of the new top of the palace I am working on, I am still keeping it low-poly.

Updated progress of the palace shown below;

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 13.30.42

Along with working on the palace we have to work on the arrangement of the cloud formations and the mountain top where the dragon will be perched. Getting the environment to look as if it is filled with clouds is turning out to be quite difficult. As the overall look is low poly, the clouds look more like rocks when I put them all together and seem to be quite distracting. (Screenshot below).

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 11.40.19

When thinking about this now I might try to bring other elements into the equation to help with the aesthetics. Maybe we could work on having Pegasus have a bit of solid ground to walk on such as a bridge or path that is supported by really long stilts which disappear into the atmosphere below. Just food for thought. I might start some pen and ink drawings to help with visualisation of the idea.

I came across this amazing piece of art but I can’t find the name of the artist who created it. I love how the palace is sitting on the mountain with it’s structures winding down around it. It looks so nice! I am definitely going to take some inspiration from this. I have exported a beveled cube from Maya and plan on taking it into zbrush to sculpt it to give it a bit of shape/variation. I will post the progress in a slideshow below. Having the palace sit on something solid might work better than having it completely surrounded by clouds.


I have been working on the overall look of the palace for a few hors and here is my progress thus far.

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 22.01.12

Overall I like it so far, it is definitely better than what we had before. The direction is completely different with it having rocks and foliage but I’m sure they can be worked in successfully as long as we keep it looking consistent.

I have added in some background detail. Keeping it simple with some mountain/hills etc…

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 21.02.02


At the moment we are at the stage of adding in clouds using fluid effects. I thought it might be a good idea to give them a go since the low poly clouds just don’t look right. Maybe we could have a few floating in the background. Below are some progress renders for testing the clouds.





Palace image –

Taj Mahal –

Abu Dhabi –


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