Concept Art – Final Paintings

So overall I have managed to paint two pieces in total which I am not too happy about. I really had hoped to produce work of a higher calibre but it wasn’t to be.

My first painting depicts ‘invaders’ journeying through billowing cliff faces to an unknown world. I’m not too sure if this comes across in the painting but I guess story-telling through art is not my thing at the moment and is something I need to work on. I really tried to get the colour looking right for this one and in general I felt it turned out ok. I used a little texture on the rocks but not too much as I didn’t want to mess it up. I feel the crowd of people/creatures could be worked on more as it I hard to tell what is going on, maybe something to return to in the future. When looking at it now I feel there isn’t much depth in the actual painting itself and I could have developed this more as well. Maybe I didn’t thumbnail enough before I started?


My second piece shows the other side, much like our own world but has elephants with cool stripes. Haha I wanted to keep it simple so that I wouldn’t run away from it. Just a moment in time in the late evening, sun is getting low… some huge elephants are carrying cargo away from the nearby town. You can faintly see a palace in the distance which feeds into my visual development sketches but I kind of went off on a tangent… something I tend to do quite a lot… I find it difficult to focus at times.

Overall this painting is OK, but far from perfect. Again I felt I played it safe just to get something done in time for submission so I am disappointed in myself again. But anywho, best to move on and hope for my next painting to tell a better story.


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