Visual Development – Digital Sketches

I made a whole bunch of quick sketches in photoshop to get some ideas down for the concept project. Sometimes it is just easy to doodle to get some ideas going. Although nothing stood out to me it was fun in general and actually helped me to re-design a palace in my animation. Since I was hoping to go for a middle eastern vibe in a concept art piece I thought some little drawings of shacks and huts would be fun to draw.

Examples of shacks found in many eastern countries.

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Some of my quick sketches below, I spent about 20-40 mins max on each page.




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I thought to maybe have a antagonist whose purpose was to rule over this awesome land full of weird and wonderful creatures. I wanted him to look Turkish and have a sense of power. I didn’t have much time over Christmas to put more effort in due to family issues but I drew a few very quick concepts for how he may have looked.




I was also hoping to do a few painting or even model the inside of this guys palace where he displays all his collectables but I didn’t have enough time. Below are more sketches of little items that may have been found.



I had many ideas running through my head of these turks/middle eastern invaders coming across old robotics amongst huge masses of rocks. This idea came from an old game Wildarms I used to play on the PS1… so I drew some sketches but ultimately thought it didn’t really fit in well.



Some environmental sketches





I drew up some really bad creatures.. I blame how bad they are on the lack of time I had to produce anything good 😛


Ok this guy creeps me out…




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