Modelling Process – Pegasus Base Mesh

I started to model the horse base mesh in Maya. I did this whilst using reference images of various horses from the internet. I didn’t use one horse image in particular as I thought taking reference from various images would help the shape be a little more unique. Clare and I have decided to go for a semi-low poly style. This will save us some time since there is only two of us working together.




The mesh is quite static at the moment, but once I get it looking satisfactory I was thinking of maybe going in with Zbrush’s pinch tool to stylise his shape more, adding more personality here and there…just so he doesn’t look too much like a generic horse.



Terry Whitlatch has a ton of great anatomy references for various mythical creatures. the image above is great in showing where the Pegasus’ wings may be attached to the horses body.

I quickly brought the above mesh into Zbrush to use the ZRemesher tool to smooth and help clean up the topology. Images below.




From here I am going to continue to work on this model in Zbrush to refine the details and shapes of the head and try my best to make everything look in proportion.



Inc., I. (2017). Creatures of Amalthea Landing Page. [online] Imagination International Inc. Available at: [Accessed 30 Nov. 2017].

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