Creating an Animated GIF – Horse Walk Cycle

As we will be trying to animate a winged horse it is only natural to begin learning how a horse moves, the most important being the walk cycle. I have followed a tutorial on youtube which I will post the link to in the reference section at the bottom. From this tutorial I created an animated GIF…although he is missing his mane, but this isn’t so important at the moment.

I feel the GIF was successful but it was quite complicated as each leg moves at various paces. I did learn a lot though by giving this a go. The horse has a bit more bounce to it’s walk than I had imagined and also quite a lot of elevation and vice versa to it’s hips and head. We don’t plan on having our Pegasus with a horn but I added one for fun 😉




Link to tutorial : – YouTube. (2017). Animating Horse Walk Cycle. [online] Available at: [Accessed 20 Nov. 2017].

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