It’s all about cats … Character Design Process

I’m not a cat Person, but for the sake of this animation… I will put this aside. For my animation I have decided to depict both a Persian and shynx cat.. the polar opposites, look wise.

Before starting to design some concepts on the look of my character I am going to take a look into how its weight is distributed and how they walk. As I want my cat to be quite furry and overweight, these elements are important especially when it comes to the modelling stage.

Heres an image of a Fluffy Persian I imagine the cat to look and a Sphinx for who the cat really is underneath the facade.



shapes of skulls

I have looked into the anatomy and skeletal structure of cats just to give me more of an idea on how they look and work overall. One of my main worries is accidentally making the cat look more like a dog than a feline. Maybe keeping the skeletal structure of the cat’s head as a focus point during the design process will keep me on the right track. The image above shows the variations of skull shape within the Persian breed alone!



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