Environmental Ideas and Research

In this post I am going to add some of my environmental research and inspiration that will hopefully inspire my concept designs. This initial research is crucial and finding the right images I could take inspiration from is important. I may also consider trying some photo mashing in photoshop for a quick piece or two that focus on getting the composition correct. For photo mashing it is best to use royalty free images… there are quite a few good sites which allow for use of their images!

My favourite royalty free site at the moment is unsplash.com  – their photographers are amazing ,with each photo being of exceptionally high quality.

Oh so Greek ….

I love when the Greek culture is brought into concept art, from the pleasing aesthetics and old ruins to the beautiful colour palettes. I am considering basing my designs off this time period… mainly the architecture/building style. Having said this I also love the Moroccan architecture so I am still a little unsure which direction I will take at this point. I will just continue to explore and I’m sure I’ll take the right direction soon.


Image Courtesy : theartofanimation

The slideshow below shows some images I’ve gathered in relation to environmental research. I love the various rock formations along with the different terrain. I especially like the sandy colours of the desert and would love to hopefully bring these colours into a piece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am thinking of sticking to a simple enough idea of doing a painting or two of a world that has been taken over. I would like to do a painting showing the journey into the new realm and maybe another depicting some creatures going about their daily business. I would also like to create plenty of sketch pages with varying ideas.


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Unsplash.com. (2018). Beautiful Free Images | Unsplash. [online] Available at: https://unsplash.com [Accessed 13 Nov. 2017].

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