Personal Project – Concept Art – Idea’s

I cannot wait to get started on some personal work and I am very grateful to Alec for assigning such great assignments! I have a clear focus and idea on what I want to produce for this section of work. I am hoping to combine modelling with digital matte painting techniques to create some atmospheric concept art although due to time constraints I may have to stick purely to digital painting. I would also be happy to create some smaller pieces that would work well within a visual development portfolio.

I am hoping to try out different styles at the beginning of the process to help me decide upon which visual route will best aid in telling the story. Although I have a good idea on the direction I am going to take with this project I have included my ideas below and hoping I might think up something better whilst doing so.

Concept Ideas

  • I have an image in my mind of a large palace that is hidden in a deep forest…although not in the forest itself, it is perched on a mountainside. There is a story behind this ‘palace/castle’ but I need to think on it more.
  • An interior scene of the palace above showing a glimpse of what goes on therein. Is it magical? Maybe dark? Maybe it is quite similar to how you would imagine a greek goddess’ home to look? If going for the latter I feel the colour palette would test my colour knowledge as it is quite different from what I would normally go for.
  • Within the confounds of an overgrown city…. the reminent’s of an arcade takeover can be seen. This takeover is fantastical and has sprung about by characters escaping their ‘virtual reality’ (although not so virtual as its more retro, but you catch my drift) I think this idea would allow for a lot of creativity and detailing within it’s environment. My main problem with the idea is how this type of over-grown city has been done so many times by other artists it may be getting very cliche.
  •   Odins Hall – I thought this type of piece based off Norse mythology would be an interesting route to take as he was known to be a man of many talents and I could only imagine what his hall might have looked like. I got this idea from a children’s book my friend suggested to me….’Magus Chase’. According to wikipedia, Odin was associated with healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, battle, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet whilst also being the husband of the goddess Frigg…..that’s one busy man! There’s a strange interpretation by Georg von Rosenof (1886) of how he might look below…more like a wizard, but cool nonetheless.


  • A once magical world where beautiful creatures roamed is now invaded by unhumain people who after years of searching, finally found their way in. These once undisturbed creatures have now been forced to live by their rules. I think it would be cool to have a very simple narrative to show in some concept art as I tend to over-complicate things at times. Maybe a piece or two depicting this might be enough.


References (2017). Odin. [online] Available at: [Accessed 14 Nov. 2017].


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