Animated Short – Story Planning #1

A quick idea I came up with was based on a big Persian cat who is down in the dumps. Strolling along he ponders upon life, he just doesn’t feel accepted in society for who he truly is. The rain is pouring and the distant murmurs of city life can be heard. Possibly night time to allow for some nice lighting from distant/closer buildings.

The audience are unsure of what is causing the cat so much trouble. He walks along as if very downtrodden until suddenly, he notices an advert posted on a shop window. It states to cure confidence issues by unleashing your true self…

Cuts to bustling life drawing room… the animals therein patiently await the model… out comes Persian cat looking very confident with his huge fluffy fur coat. He then begins to unzip it and unveils his true self underneath….which is a skinny hairless cat (Sphynx breed). Meant to be quite comedic in narration with fully characterised movements/expressions to give plenty of life and personality. MEOW 😉


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