Reflective Statement – 3D Environment

I have absolutely loved this project! What a great start to second year… I really felt we have been given complete artistic freedom to design any type of environment we wanted. I am very thankful to Alec for such an enjoyable few weeks of work. My teammates have been fantastic throughout, full of imagination and always open to new ideas. There was a lot of peace and harmony within our group and it felt great to have enthusiastic and hardworking team mates. I would really look forward to working with any of them again in the future. I really have learned so much throughout the past few weeks, especially in terms of modelling and UV mapping…something I believed I would never understand. We had been given clear instructions along with great articles and videos pre-prepared by Alec. This has all been so beneficial in helping me to improve my workflow in less familiar areas such as UV mapping. I have also become more aware that I am quite controlling at times and that I should take more advice from my teammates when it came to final shots and rendering. I have plenty of weakness which I have been made more aware of over the past few weeks and I hope to improve upon these when it comes to my next project. Overall, this has been my favourite project thus far during my university experience.

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