Animated Short – Bravery – Beginnings

Monday 6th November


Our new assignment has begun and we have been given the topic of ‘bravery’ to start coming up with ideas for different storylines. Alec has put us all into groups and I’m hoping we can all work well together to produce something amazing. My new group members are Glenn, Yazz, Clare and Maggie. During our class today we discussed different ideas…overall some ideas were ok, I put forward a couple but I felt the group didn’t really understand them or their potential. We wrote the ideas down and decided to  draw up some quick concept/intial ideas for the various storylines and bring them in to decide upon the best route to go. I’m excited thus far although I have a feeling I might not like the direction the team will go in, but I should be open to new ideas that aren’t really my taste. (The fish above is me right now)…

Thursday 9th November

I have missed a group meeting yesterday due to my dad going in for major surgery. I have kept in contact with the group thus far and they have been so supportive and kind. Later this evening they informed me that the group had decided to take the animation in the direction of an idea based around ‘Double Denim’. I had told them of my major dislike of the idea and Maggie was nice enough to run the idea by me again, I decided to trust the other group members vision by going along with the storyline. I am just a little worried about portfolio work as I would like to model something epic with cool environments. At the moment the team members are working on a storyboard whilst I have started to draw out some rough character concepts.

Glenn has put together a quick initial storyboard idea….

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 15.11.44

Whilst Maggie had drawn up rough character concepts which I have based some of my character designs off….

My super quick sketches below…



Group Member Credits

Glenn O Neill –

Yazz Herron –

Clare McMurray –

Maggie McDermott –



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