The Marvellous Escape


The mad scientists lab is coming along nicely thus far! We have been bringing in our assets to the master copy of the scene and placing them roughly in the right positions. We have been going off one of Alistair’s layout sketches which I have mentioned before whilst changing and adding little bits here and there. Seeing all of our separate models together really surprised all of us, never would have thought we would have so much! but then again there are six of us in the group!

After getting most of the assets in I spent a few hours the next day importing more models and adjusting a few little bits in the scene. It took a little longer than I had thought, I’m not entirely sure I had placed things the right way and after taking some screenshots I was still kind of unhappy. But nonetheless these things can still be altered before final hand in 🙂 In between it all I got a horrible cold and was unable to help my teammates the next day when setting up render shots and lighting.

Our trail of destruction should hopefully be apparent when looking at our scene. Depending on whether or not we decide to animate a camera going or just render some clean shots… we should be able to show a narrative of a break out. Mark has modelled great smashed glass for us to lay on the floor beside the specimen tank and also the window where our monster has escaped. Michael placed a table or two overturned with some ncloth draping over the top to give a bit of life/movement. Below are some quick screenshot I took of our progress with setting things up.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below are some renders we used for our presentation but we hope to improve them before final submission with the aid of a few light and composition changes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To finish things off nicely I feel we could do with some wires/ropes or even some broken pipes and cloths hanging from the ceiling to give it ore visual interest and also help with our composition. Going form Alec’s comments also, the gurney could do with being a little larger, so maybe also looking at our scaling to readjust anything that looks out of place etc… It is always good to get feedback, to be able to take it and work on what you need to improve always makes for a better piece of art.

On a side note, I absolutely love the group I am in right now, not one thing have we fought over. I feel we have worked very well as a team and gave each other the right amount of time and space to get the work we needed. Out of everyone I have been the pest, picking at little things that perhaps didn’t matter in the end, haha. Adios until the nest update on our mad lab.

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