First attempts at walk cycles- featuring Jack and Jill

So the last week or so I have been having trouble trying to animate Jill walking, she really isn’t behaving herself and I am blaming it on her… she loves it when her knee snaps and her head turns in non-human ways but at this point I’ve had enough! One things for sure, she definitely pushed Jack down that hill… -_-

Animating is difficult! And although I am in an animation course, I am not quite sure the pure animating side of it is my thing! Maybe I am a little frustrated at how long it is taking me to come to terms with it’s difficulty and the patience you need for it. Despite this I have tried a walk cycle, again and again…and again haha. My walk cycle was just not happening at the beginning so I decided to try an old fashioned sneak walk cycle with the Jack model instead and that turned out a little better. The main difference in my approach was the use of the ‘straight ahead’ rather than ‘pose to pose’ animating.

The sneak looks very rough but hopefully I can improve it a bit and try make it less robotic looking and more smooth with more work.

My next playblast is that of Jill trying to walk. Although this wasn’t her worst is still pretty stiff. The other tries before I needed up deleting out of frustration…


So hopefully some time in the near future I will have an update of these two walks although a little smoother and more natural than how they are now.

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