Mad Scientist Lab – 3D Assets – Part 1

To begin our journey into creating a mad scientists laboratory we had written down a few interesting assets we could possibly model. Since a laboratory is so diverse..(especially when the doctor therein is mad) there would be many strange commodities to be seen! So! We assigned various objects to ourselves to start modelling and decided even if two of us ended up modelling the same thing (maybe a bottle/jar) it would be no problem as we plan to have the scene quite busy anyways!

First things first! As we plan and hope for the lab to be of the old victorian style we agreed it would look amazing with two floors with maybe a spiral staircase leading up to the second floor. The structure of having a second floor allows for more depth to be created and assists in helping our composition. We can also experiment with ncloth by maybe having fabrics draped over the banisters . I would also love to give ncloth a try with modelling a pair of very long curtains to go alongside our very large victorian style windows. The slideshow below shows some inspiration of the look we are going for.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I have collected together some reference images after some research on various assets and gizmos to get me started….

I had to start of with some simple jars and bottles! Using the curve and revolve tool in Maya was perfect to assist with the modelling. Below are some reference images I have found through a simple google search.


Below is a render of some bottles and jars I have modelled, they may not be perfect but they’re the best I can do for now. I also modelled a generic cork that fits into the top of selected bottles/jars. I hope to take these jars and bottles into substance painter to experiment with different finishes and textures and maybe also adding stickers or labels to heighten the detail…maybe even create some normal maps in zbrush. Something to think about for the ole portfolio.



I watched a tutorial on how to render glass in Arnold. Some tutorials where definitely needed when it came to rendering and texturing my light bulb!



For now it is only a simple bulb but I believe it can be so much more… I will definitely be adding better texture maps to this bulb along with extra components to make it a more visually interesting part of the laboratory. I was thinking of integrating it into a steampunk styled lamp which would either hand or sit.. or even be part of a larger strange looking machine.

I would also like to model a scientific globe which would hang from the ceiling of the lab. Below are some reference images I put together for inspiration. I quite like the idea of having a solar system revolve around on the inside of the globes structure.


I had modelled a very simple birdcage in Maya but later failed to think ahead on the UV mapping side which also plays a part in this project. I will have to research in more depth as to how long it might take UV unwrapping a birdcage. :/  (Quick render below)




Pinterest. (2017). Pinterest. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Oct. 2017].


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