Mood Boards and Ideas for 3D Environment

For our second assignment of Animation Strategies we are to design a 3D environment of our choice. My group members include Michael Lilley, Alistair Lyons, Molly Wilkinson, Mark Lisk and Tobias Bred. We came up with a few ideas together (shown below) and scribbled them all down on a white board and went from there. I am so excited to get started on the project as I feel we have a lot of freedom. The extra task of trying to exhibit our environment in 360 is particularly exciting as it gives us more room to work.


After coming up with some ideas we created some “mood boards” containing some inspiration on particular themes. The board below shows some concepts I loved when researching. I had an idea to create a 3d environment which depicted the aftermath of a city torn apart by escaped arcade characters. I felt an old arcade style would look particularly interesting if it were scattered around a ruined city scene. The images below hint at what I had in mind, mainly the colours.


The board below displays conceptual artistic ideas on ruined cityscapes which I found quite interesting and which could possibly fit in with the retro arcade city idea.


After we had put some boards together we discussed our ideas so far and had decided for a while to try a sci-fi scene which might include some form of movement… possibly in the form of an explosion. Alistair had thought it would be interesting to have a scene with something exciting happening. Below are a few images I have found from ‘Remember Me’ and other various concepts which depict this type of thing.


In the end we agreed to take another route in the project and ended up deciding on a loose idea of basing the design on a mad scientists laboratory. Michael had put together a mood board beforehand depicting scenes from the game ‘Bloodbourne’… this mood board definitely steered us in the right direction. I put together a similar mood board with nice concepts that delve into this theme of laboratory and on going science experiments.


With this steampunk/mad scientist theme it leaves us plenty of room to experiment with strange oddities and trinkets which will help to build upon our portfolios.



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“Bloodbourne” concept art.



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