Dramatic Posing – Research and Outcome-Part 1

Our first assignment is to practise posing a human figure using a pre-rigged character model provided by Alec. I have collected some reference images online to work from. I have decided that action poses such as fighting stances along with various dance moves might be a little more challenging rather than having generic poses such as maybe a reach/crawl pose etc..

I love these videos by Proko, they explain in basic terms how each of the joints move. Proko has a vast amount of  insightful videos geared towards helping the artist featured on his youtube channel. This type of informative video is useful to refer to when posing in Maya.



Below shows my attempt at a martial arts type pose. This is my first attempt at posing a character. For now it is quite simple but I plan to try more intricate stances as time goes on.


For the pose below I tried a guy jumping over a wall. It turned out alright although I think there may be a few anatomical issues, possibly with the right shoulder area? I better get the anatomy books out. 🙂



The little guy below thinks he’s a great breakdancer.. but I ain’t too sure. Best I could do with this pose for now.


I like how the little lady below turned out. I feel I have captured the pose well along with displaying a little movement.


The slideshow below displays the reference images I used.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


References and Links

Martial Arts pose – link

Breakdance pose – link

Parkour pose – link

Poledance pose – link

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