Sculpt that Blob – Part #3

Adding hair seems like a challenge but I’m looking forward to trying it out. I will document my progress in this blog, it probably won’t be pretty but its worth a go!

I will take some advice from this video tutorial below,

So an update on the hair sculpting, I gave a go at sculpting the hair yesterday and ended up getting frustrated as I wasn’t getting the shapes right and it looked very rigid. I have saved a copy of this file but at the moment I have decided to research a bit into the fibermesh feature in Zbrush. Fibermesh seems like it could do a good job but I ran into the problem of the length of the hairs not increasing so I will have to take another look into it to try and sort this problem. Another option could be to bring the model into Maya and try rendering some hair using nhair.

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 08.52.59.png

At the moment I don’t see much likeness to Clare but I’ll just continue on and try to change things near the finish line.

Update : It is now deadline day and I haven’t got the hair sculpted or made in Maya due to a really heavy cold. I’m quite disappointed that I never got the chance to get the hair sorted but at this point I just need to get it finished. I can hopefully return to this sculpt of try a new one with hair during the summer.

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