Imaging and Data Visualisation – Reflection

Imaging and Data Visualisation has been a brilliant module, ranging from the projects to our tutor who was always there to give us a hand and to explain things to us individually. The projects set were creative and allowed us to experiment within Maya and also within Zbrush/Mudbox. It was nice to be given the chance to work on a project individually with the 3D head portrait. Taking some individual time to focus on one skill was very beneficial as there was no feeling of having to please someone else.

Throughout the module I have learnt quite a bit in Maya. One of the most useful skills I’ve learnt is how to adjust the render settings in preparation for rendering. During the floating city project we had difficulties setting up various parts, some things were just not working out. But since we had to sit and go through everything to discover what the problems were, we learnt a lot about the process and when it came to rendering the next time, things were much simpler. During class we were set various tasks within Maya, even though they seemed simple, I found them very difficult. It is challenging trying to keep up within class as it moves quite fast although if more time was spent in Maya self-learning during my free time, it would be easier. Hopefully next year I will be more organised in that way so as not to fall behind in class.

My modelling in general has developed although I still need more practise as I haven’t modelled anything I am proud of. After having spent some time in Zbrush I do prefer it over Maya. Hopefully during the rest of the course I can use Maya and Zbrush together to create intricate sculpts that can be animated whist learning more about their interfaces and the workflow used between the two programmes.


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