3D Portraiture – Digital

Whilst researching into digital head modellers I came across Julien Kaspar. Kaspar’s work has a great sense of originality and detail that I can take a lot of inspiration from. His characters emit a lot of personality and the sculpts themselves have some semi-realistic/clay-like textures that I love. Examples shown below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would like to sculpt hair on my model so I looked a little into some good head sculpts that display great technique.


Image Courtesy – Vimal Kerketta

Kerketta’s sculpt’s shown above display a good level of detail in the hair area. When sculpting Clare’s head I will hopefully spend time trying to get a good amount of detail in the hair.

For sculpting the hair I will take advice from an online article that explains which sculpting tools would help to texture and create hair. (Found here) The work flow begins with building up the starting shapes possibly using clay build up and then using brushes such as dam_standard or slash brushes.

The video above is a great example of how to sculpt stylistic hair and may be handy to refer back to when getting into the hair section of the head.





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