Space – Concept Research

As I will be focusing a little more on the environment design such as the stars, planets and terrain I have collected a few conceptual pieces which will help drive my design and ideas forward. As a team we have agreed that a surface similar to that of the moon would be our main type of terrain. We also were thinking that some higher ground may help create a better sense of scale to our scenes whilst also adding some visual interest.

Environment/Terrain Design Research

Mark Molnar – Dune Project (below)


“Eldion Passageway” by Anthony Schime is a nice piece of work which depicts colossal stone blocks in the foreground and middle ground that add to the sense of depth whilst also helping to convey the size relationships between the humans and the environment.

eldion_passageway_anthony scime                                                         Image Courtesy – Schime

Michael Kaczmarek – 3D moon terrain sculpt



Wayne Robson – 3D Environmental Terrain



Wayne Robson’s work is amazing. I couldn’t find anywhere online that showed me his work flow but I can take some inspiration from looking at it. The textures are great and although it is not really moon-like, the aesthetics are very natural and pleasing to the eye, something I would hope to achieve a little of in our terrain sculpt.

Character Design

David Correa – Loved Correa’s little space dude, tiny but lots of personality.



The video game Little Big Planet has an astronaut outfit which is another design similar to what were going for.


Patrik Bjorkstrom’s concept art piece below has a great character with similar proportions that we can take inspiration from also.


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