Male VS Female Head Structure

This week we have been given a new assignment in our Imaging and Data Visualisation class. Our new project is to team up with someone in the class and use each other for reference to sculpt an organic head model in Zbrush or Mudbox. Once this is finished we will bring the model into Maya to ‘reconstruct the polygon mesh as a low to medium resolution’, basically giving retopology a try. Clare McMurray will be my reference for this project, I can’t wait to dive in as I enjoy Zbrush more than Maya.

I have started into some research before digging into sculpting the head. I started off with the basics, looking into the differences between the male and female skull. To get this shape and underlying structure is very important when starting out. I feel that maybe from there then I can start building upon it with the muscles, skin and features.



The image above shows the structure of the male skull whilst the image below shows the female skull. The artist needs to be aware of these noticeable differences when drawing/sculpting male and female.


This youtube video goes into a lot more depth into deconstructing these differences with good explanation to help the viewer to clearly understand.


Since I will be working with Zbrush I have done some research and watched a few videos on how to use its interface.  Creative Bloq has so many good tips on using this programme. I found an article by Glen Southern on how to make your sculpts more life-like and it was very useful as he goes through the main tools he uses to create certain effects. (Link here)


References (2017). Difference Between Male and Female Skull | Male vs Female Skull. [online] Available at: [Accessed 23 Mar. 2017].


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