Final Compositing of Belfast City Model

Once I had all my modelled components ready to put together in a modern city scene I made a few test renders without any materials, but added two arnold area lights on either side. My section has used a few assets from Erinn, Michael and Jack, this including a crane at the rear view, a smaller tower, the waterfront model at the front and power lines by Jack. I had modelled a watermill which is visible in the 1800’s section.

I am happy with the outcome as I feel I have achieved the low poly look we were going for, and to a certain point successfully depicted a modern Belfast, which in reality isn’t as clustered as I would have liked to depict.


Jack’s section, the base (see image below) was influenced heavily by Belfast’s role in the industrial revolution. The cogs are working hard to keep the propellors of the city spinning, thus keeping it floating. The propellors were an idea as they resinate with those on the famous Titanic ship.


4Image Courtesy – coolvibe

The steampunk image above was the kind of feel we were going for when it came to the overall look of the city, especially with the mechanical/base section.

Erinn’s victorian section was also based off these kind of vibes. Sticking to the muted colour scheme with plenty of housing whilst showcasing some older buildings/elements of Belfast I feel this section turned out very successful also. Michael’s 1960’s section depicting the troubled time in Belfast also turned out brilliant, you can see parts which are crumbling. This section also shows building/construction thus showing that at the end of these times Belfast started to renew itself and grow again, despite the damage. (Images below)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After putting the model together I started to texture the top section. We had agreed on making this section more colourful and vibrant to contrast with the other eras in time.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t include any lights in this section as I thought it would be bright enough after rendering took place. I am fairly happy with how it turned out, although I do feel maybe it looks a little out of place in comparison with the other sections but nevertheless, this was intended.

Below shows some final renders of our scene along with the final video, one without the statistics and one with. As our rendering ended up taking 3 extra days than intended, we never got the time to produce good quality motion graphics as we had hoped for.



Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.00.14

Without statistics below

With statistics below – this version isn’t the quality we had intended, the music seems to have warped a little after converting the video to a mov. file. The video above has the clear audio intent without the statistics and had also been darkened down a bit to increase contrast with statistical values popping up on the sides.

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