3D Galaxy in Maya

A realistic looking Space environment might be a difficult task to produce in Maya. I’m unsure how many lights I can include to give the illusion of stars or if there are other way of getting around this. I have come across this article which has a good tutorial on how to create a 3D galaxy/space scene within Maya. I will give this a try and if I fail I will try a different approach.

I have followed some tips from this article (link here).

After having read through this tutorial I realised that creating a galactic environment full of stars is actually quite simple using Maya 3D brushes. Below are some of my first experiments with these brushes. I think they turned out ok, maybe not as organic as I would like, but the colours are pretty. Once we get the overall feeling of our light sources and colour for the animation as a whole, I feel we can then decide upon a definite colour scheme for the stars. I feel the red stars are pretty cool and could be used to help with the overall fizzy juice symbolism that is present in the animation.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Below are some photographs I have taken of quick space watercolours I had done before trying it in Maya to see if I could make load a painting in, but this definitely wasn’t going to give the finished look we needed.


From here I then decided to try a digital painting but this was still to no avail. When I loaded this image into Maya and set it up for Image Based Lighting it looked quite pixilated.



Highend3d.com. (2017). Creating a galaxy in Maya using Paint Effects – Page 1 – Paint FX Tutorials for Maya. [online] Available at: https://www.highend3d.com/maya/tutorials/paint-fx/c/creating-a-galaxy-in-maya-using-paint-effects [Accessed 1 Apr. 2017].

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