Storyboarding and Animatics

Our first task for the new assignment was to present a pitch of our initial ideas for our animation. To start off we decided to come up with an environment and character and work from there. After some discussion on various ideas we decided to settle on a story set in space with an astronaut. From here we spent an evening coming up with possible story lines. For our pitch we had done a rough sketch of a storyboard, with nothing finalised. We had realised we didn’t have an ending so we decided to not rush into a pointless idea at the last minute and wait for feedback.

Other  story ideas which we had can be found in my sketchbook along with some doodles to illustrate them. Our storyboard can be seen below, since then we have received feedback and have altered some compositions slightly and also character movements as things were off in places. The feedback was brilliant, you can see the updated version of this storyboard run in the animatic below.




Since the limit for our animation short is from 15 seconds – 25 seconds we needed a quick snappy story and we wanted some sort of gag. We came up with the idea of a little spaceman landing on this planet, very sure of himself in knowing that he will plant his flag, advertising a particular drink company. In the midst of planting his flag he hears a beer can opening and looks over to see another spaceman who had already took residence with his own companies flag. The first spaceman then smirks and takes out a control switch and switches it on, his little flag suddenly unfolds into a huge lit up, in your face billboard with the drinks company name being the main gag or joke.

Putting the animatic together was great fun. After some feedback we realised that timing was off in an area so we will re-work whilst also trying to make transitions a little smoother between frames. This is a great learning experience for me and I am so happy to have this chance as I have never worked on a storyboard before. Finding sound effects was another great mission which ended up not being too much of an awkward task. I feel I will continue to enjoy working on animatics in the future as it is a new realm and a great way to quickly see your stories come to life.

We had been suggested to check up a website named floobynooby which had so much relevant content for this part of the project. Again I was very grateful to have been directed to this site by the tutors. It’s always great to find a site which condenses information together in one place.


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