Gathered Statistics on Belfast

During the past few weeks of collecting statistics on Belfast, we found it increasingly difficult to find numbers which focused primarily on Belfast, instead those that focused on Northern Ireland as a whole.

stats2Image Courtesy –

From the statistics we did find, they were taken from downloadable PDF’s, such as the crime rates from the PSNI webpage, which had a great in depth account of various crimes committed during 2014-2015. Below I have included a list of the main statistics we are hoping to use in our animation.

Population Numbers

Population of Belfast: 338,907

Male: 48.3%

Female: 51.7%

Population Change (2015): 4.1%

Life Expectancy

Male: 75 (Lowest expectancy for Men in the UK)

Female: 81

Average no. of Resident per Household: 2.32 – more than 20 residents per hectare

Environment and Pollution

Belfast CO2 Emissions (2012) : 6.1

Low: 4.2 – 5.6

Medium: 5.7 – 6.3

High: 6.4 – 25.6

Household waste Recycled and Composted per household : 39.91%

Air Pollution – Nitrogen Dioxide (μgm3): 92 (low2)

                                Sulphur Dioxide (μgm3): 3 (low1)

Economy, Industry and Crime

GDP of Belfast City: €13.7 billion

GDP per person in Belfast (2007): €48,300

People in Work (2015): 68%

Full Employment Rates: 44%

Gross weekly income (2015) : £508.60

Belfast Tourism  Overnight Trips: 1,361,193

Expenditure on Overnight Trips: £278.03 million

Average House price (2015) : £123,500

No. of Crimes reported (2014): 35,455

Robbery: 528

Vehicle Offences: 1,904

Public Order Offences: 468

stats1Image Courtesy –

As there are a lot of references to include for our statistical findings, I have saved these particular slides which had been presented in our presentation.

Floating City

Floating City-2

Floating City-3


uSwitch. (2017). Belfast ranks 104 – Best Places to live in the UK. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Mar. 2017].

BBC News. (2017). Northern Ireland tourism: Visitor numbers hit all-time high, figures show – BBC News. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Mar. 2017].

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