Apocalypse Now Final Schematic and Presentation

The schematic for Apocalypse Now took us quite a while to finish due to the length of the movie, its sub-plots and varsity of characters. We had discussed trying a different layout but conceded that it would be too confusing as we had been asked to include the on and off screen narratives for each main character. We started by writing down the order of events and then built upon each of the main character narratives, marking where each came into the storyline and also when they left.

Below is the final schematic. We included an image of the Mekong River in the background as this was the river the ‘Nung’ from the movie was based upon. It represents Willard’s journey to meet Kurtz.


Below is a quick pan (credits to Yazz) of our schematic. As ours is quite large we thought we should zoom a little closer and pan across to show it better.

The slideshow below shows images from our presentation. References are included at the end.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Credits and blog links of group members:

Yazz Herron – https://yasmineherron.wordpress.com

Carla Hutchinson –

James Goodwin –

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