Inspiration for Storyboard Styling

I came across this great animation that asks a lot of questions instead of answering.  I feel that’s a great thing to have in an animation, to not always give away the answers but to allow the audience to think and make up their own minds. This allows them to connect with it on a more personal level.

Even though there isn’t any great level of detail, in the end it really isn’t needed as we can understand, simply what is going on. No dialogue or very little dialogue in a short animation is something I’ve always loved.


In class we had to develop some storyboards on our character called the Riddle Man. I found producing storyboards to be extremely difficult, I really did fail at this aspect and it is something I need to work on. As it brings in knowledge of perspective, anatomy, composition and camera angles, It threw me off and I lost confidence in any skill I might have. I need to work more in my sketchbook, study more animations/movies and read more to fix this.

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