Moulding our Inspiration

After deciding upon our idea we started to look into clay artists/sculptors who had worked on similar ideas. We came across a few artists whose styles were interesting. We hoped to take inspiration from their stylistic approach to clay work.

I looked into other artists who worked on sculpting explosions using clay. Below is an image from a sculptor named Dietrich Wenger who made a twenty-foot tall treehouse in the shape of a mushroom cloud. Wenger’s reasoning for creating this piece was to show contradictions between “two conflicting ideas”. This reminded me of what we were discussing in class about the implicit and explicit meanings in film, or any piece of art. In this piece the implicit meaning could be how war is like a play-zone for soldiers involved/or possibly how life goes on for the innocent suffering in war struck countries. The explicit meaning being that it is clearly a mushroom cloud explosion treehouse.


Other clay pieces which are a good source of inspiration when looking at ways to sculpt the explosion part of our artefact are shown in the slideshow below. We have thought that a rough look to the explosion would help show the texture instead of going for something completely smooth.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Suzie Zamit Sculpture. (2017). Suzie Zamit Sculpture. [online] Available at: [Accessed 3 Mar. 2017].

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