Floating City Conceptual Research

There are many great ideas circulating the internet when it comes to floating cities. Below I have included some interesting pieces of concept art I have come across which I feel relate to our chosen city of Belfast. Since our group is focusing on the growth of the city from around the 1960’s up until the present day, with possibilities of including forecasted growth statistics, I thought it would be a good idea to focus on the grittier/industrial feel.


I felt the above image had a good representation of what the ‘underworld’ of Belfast could possible look like. Since it’s foundations grew enormously due to having the largest shipyard in the early 20th century-the ropes which are connecting this floating city to the ground seem notable. INCLUDE HERE REFERENCE TO SOMEHTING YOU READ OR WATCHED BRING IT IN AND DISCUSS.


The image above is another good example of industrial growth, with the heights that it is reaching.

Below is a slideshow of a few other images I have gathered which fall into how I would visual a 3D representation of what a floating city of Belfast could be likened to.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really loved this image below. As soon as I seen it a great idea for a camera angles in Maya came into my mind. Although it may be difficult to do with the limited knowledge we may have as a team this far into our journey-it still might be worth a go (depending on our design). Even so, it’s always something to try in the future.



Bibliography /Sources

All images shown have been found on pinterest.com

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