3D Environment Artists

In our first class in ‘Imaging and Data Visualisation’ we were given a brief overview of what work is expected this coming semester. Alec Parkin has assigned us some research homework in relation to 3d artists. Below I have included those artists whose work inspires me, in the field of 3D art.

 3D Environment/prop artist

Stefan Morrell creates beautiful futuristic sci-fi cityscapes. Morrell works as a professional  3D movie concept artist and matte painter. His work is fun of detail and atmosphere. Hard to know what else to say really other than its unbelievable. (See Morrell’s work here)


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Award winning 3D Artist, Peter Nowacki works in the industry focusing on texturing, shading, lighting and rendering. Nowacki’s work is very inspirational to me, the detail he expresses in his work is phenomenal. I aim to get this level of detail in my work someday. (See Nowacki’s work here)


Nowacki’s inspiration was taken from the concept art of Gary Tonge (shown above), whilst Nowacki’s model and final rendered piece is shown below.



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