Reflective Words on Creative Elements

Studying animation at Ulster University has been the best decision that I have made thus far, in relation to education. I can confidently say that during my first semester I have learned more than during my times at any other facultie/course. Creative Elements combines specific assets which strengthen my passion for art and animation more. How we are assessed is the key reason I am learning so much. Recording research in a blog forces me to think differently, and as a result there is always a continous flow of inspiration.

The sketchbook work is a great discipline I have found difficult to achieve in the past, but as everyone in the class progresses and improves through its use, it has driven me to keep drawing and to forget the mistakes. The main aspect which I love about the course is that you are never limited creatively. The focus is more on getting the work done whilst allowing the creative juices to run freely. I feel Maya is a great way to learn to draw as well as model, as you are thinking of how things look from each angel. Modelling in 3D definitely makes the shape stick in your mind more predominantly than if you were drawing from life.

Life drawing classes have definitely helped my drawings improve  – I’m really grateful that we ae able to take this class.  I am excited to see what the second semester will bring. In the past I have found it difficult working in groups and although it can be at times, it does heighten the creativity as ideas and inspiration are constantly on the high. I have learned that if other members don’t consider  your ideas, you can always work on them as a personal project on your own. Having said this I have found that when working within a team with other passionates, the groupwork thrives and productivity is on a roll.

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