Anatomy Sketches

I have been working on an anatomy sketchbook; I am trying to memorise how the muscles and the skeleton work/look. Hopefully over time and along with life drawing my figure drawing will improve. I definitely need to start drawing figures more from my imagination to test if I’m taking any of this stuff in.

Below is a slideshow of the anatomy drawings I have done so far. I have taken these drawings from various references.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth is an amazing figure drawing book which Michael has given us the PDF file for. I have been making some drawings from it. From here I will take what I’ve learnt and put it into practise. Michael has suggested for personal learning to take an image from magazines or newspapers and draw the figures as you might see them in this book.

Some drawings I have done from the book are shown below.



– Dynamic Figure Drawing by Burne Hogarth, First published in 1970 by Watson-Guptill Publications.

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