Pro Storyboarding Research

After some research into professional story-boarding, I have realised just how much time and detail is put into this kind of work. Each scene being thoughtfully worked out, while each panel having great composition and movement. I have included some of Hayao Miyazaki’s storyboarding. By storyboarding each of his movies himself; he made sure that every  scene was how he had envisioned it.

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Pixar’s Brave storyboard example below.


I came across a great blog by Ben Caldwell who has shared storyboarding ideas that were given to him by Dreamworks Storyboard artist, Rob Too.

The images below have been taken from his blog, find the link here. Ben also has links to other pages which have great storyboarding content/advise. I will include them here for anyone looking for extra advice too. 🙂 Caldwell has said to take a proper look through their blogs as they contain invaluable tips.

Toby Shelton

Rad Sechrist

Notes below were made by  Dreamwork’S Rob Koo

rob1 rob2rob3rob4rob5


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