Animatic Ideas

The concept of the world : invading race, poach these beautiful/strange sea creatures for their mechanical parts/luminescent skins/pearls/jewels etc… This race have built underwater bases for themselves which are contained within a dome. A lot of creative ideas can come from this.

For our animatic I had an idea of timing it to the sound of a heartbeat. In terms of timing I thought it might be nice to play about with the amount of frames shown per second. At the beginning it could be time to 1 frame a second and once the action kicks off it would then speed up along with the heartbeat and relax again near the end.

Heartbeat soundtrack below.

I found this game trailer video which went along to the ticking of a clock, similar to what i had been thinking of.

After some discussion with Lydia we came up with a solid concept for the 30secs, she also liked the idea of having it play to a heartbeat but also wanted some music. I have started to roughly sketch the beginning out in Adobe Flash, keeping in mind how many seconds can be used for the initial build up- the action- the end.

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