Colour Presentation and Colour Palette’s

Today, myself, Michael Lilley, Maggie McDermott and Clare McKinney had our group presentation on colour and it went well! Conánn and Michael agreed it was successful and that there was plenty of productivity going on within the group. Good group dynamics, its a pity we were split! 😦

A few images below of our work produced as a team. All finished digitally.

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Below are some colour palettes Michael and myself put together using a great website I found thanks to the ImagineFX magazine.

This webpage automatically creates a colour palette form any chosen image you upload, pretty handy but probably not something you want to get accustomed to using, lazy maybe? Who knows!


Leanna Colour Environment


Leanna Colour Environment


I’m not very happy with how my colour environment concepts turned out, I think maybe I was being too safe. There really is no texture or sense of depth in any of them. I need to work more on environmental concept work as it is one of my favourite areas.


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