Life Drawing

Day one in life drawing with our lovely tutor, Michael Bass. We were all asked to draw boxes in relation to perspective. Perspective is tough. Tougher than I thought.

It was a simple yet great exercise. Whilst the boxes laughed at us from the tabletops, we drew them from many different angles; without a ruler (which was great, I hate rulers) 🙂

Homework was perspective drawings of cubes and spheres. A few examples from my sketchbook are shown below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To see more perspective practice see pages 12-17  and 22-23 in sketchbook. 😀


This is a screenshot taken from a brilliant book Michael had given us in PDF format. I will reference it at the bottom. I had never thought about it before and it is so interesting; our eye level will ALWAYS be the same as natures horizon line. WOW. This image above illustrates this perfectly.

-Perspective Drawing Handbook by Joseph D’Amelio, first published: New York: Tudor Pub Co. 1964

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